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This is something totally different from what I normally share with you. I recently discovered this products from Lush, and because I like them so much I wanted to tell you something more about it.

Lemony Flutter:
This is a cuticle cream, it looks like this pot never gets empty, because it is so concentrated.
It smells like citrus and it is really nourishing  for your cuticles, you can also use it for other dry spots on your body. I personally don't have dry cuticles but I like it to take extra care for my nails and hands.

Angels on bare skin:
This is my absolute favourite, this is some kind of really light facial scrub made from fresh almonds and lavender. Once you mix this scrub with a little bit of water it gets a creamy substantial. When you have used this, your face feels really fresh and soft.

Handy Gurugu:
This is a really thick hand cream, special for very dry hands.
I think this is a great hand cream to always have with you in your bag.
I prefer to take extra care for my hands, because you use them a lot and get into water, your hands need to bare a lot and often got forgotten to take care about.

I really like it that the products from Lush are fresh, organic and handmade.
Are you familiar with the products from Lush, do you have any favourites ?

Photo by: me

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4 reacties:

  1. Lemony flutter is zo fijn<3! Angels on a bare skin lijkt me ook erg fijn!

    1. Ja die is fijn hé :)
      Ik vind Angels on bare skin echt een aanrader !

      Xx liefs

  2. Ik kan echt niet zonder Lemony Flutter!

    1. Ja hij is super fijn !! Zeker voor als je droge nagelriemen hebt :)

      Xx liefs





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