Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Good morning ! How are you doing today ?
I'm really glad it is Thursday because that means it is almost weekend ;)
Do you have any special plans this weekend ?
I am spending most of it with family, it is eastern so we are brunching together, and for my little nephew and niece it is time to seek for some chocolate eggs.

About this look, I almost never wear orange but I think it looks great combined with the zebra skirt.
Here I show you how I wear this look at the moment, depending on the weather. When the temperatures are getting higher you can easily leave the tights away, change the shoes for some sandals and you are ready to go.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dreaming Of

Last Tuesday I was with my sister, it was the first time that she took my outfit photos. I think it worked out really well, and we will definitely gonna do this more often.
You will going to see me a lot with this sunglasses because from the moment I bought them they were one of my favourites!!
I just really love the classic model, and it kind of reminds me of the CĂ©line sunglasses which I had my eye on for such a long time.

Me and Sander have booked our vacation for this summer, we are going to the Greek Island Corfu... I can't wait !! If you have been there before, don't hasitate to give me any tips for during our stay.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Put some colour on

My outfits are really dark lately, a lot of black and grey.
I really like to wear dark colours but I thought it was time to put some colour to my looks.
I must say that the colours I wear are really depending on my mood and on the weather.
In the fall/winter I wear darker colours then in summer time.
Since the weather is really great lately you will be seeing a bit more colour on my blog.

There will be a big change on my blog... For now I will keep you in suspense.
More about this later ;)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fashion Bloggers Clinic

Last week I went to the "Fashion Bloggers Clinic" from Internet Advantage.
We started the evening with a great strawberry cocktail (good way to start isn't it) !!
First the team from Internet Advantage gave us some great tips on how to improve our site, here are a couple of them for you;
- Backup you site (this really was a great advice for me because I don't do this)
- Make sure your URL's are neat
- Create content
- And most of all blog with passion !

After this Joy from Just Like Sushi told us the story behind her blog.
It was really great to hear her thoughts and advice.
Here are some of her tips:
- Collaborations: always keep in mind does it makes me happy and does it fit with the image of my blog
- Find your niche
- Get personal
- Get inspired but don't imitate 

After the presentations the team from Internet Advantage had selected a couple of blogs to provide their feedback on how to improve it.
My blog was showed, and they gave me some great advice on how to make my blog better, which I immediately applied to my site.
At the end it was time to grab a bite, we ended the evening with delicious burgers from Pickles.
And we didn't left empty handed because they gave us a well filled goodie bag from Bag Office.
I want to thank the team from Internet Advantage for the great evening!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beneath It

Let’s talk about something I think most of you girls will recognize.
When you wear a tight dress with tights, you can sometimes see the lines of your underwear and tights pressing in your skin (which I don’t like).
 Also when you are wearing tight clothing and when you go to a dinner or something, you might feel uncomfortable in your outfit, because you don’t feel like holding your tummy in for the rest of the evening.
That is why I was really curious about the slimwear from Magic Bodyfashion.  
I have tried the slimbody and the tank top, I must say that both of the slimwear products did make you feel more comfortable in your clothing,  and it slims everything a bit down (flatter tummy and hips). I especially loved the slimbody which I am wearing on these photos. It is a body-stocking, so this one is perfect for beneath a dress or a high skirt. I wore it the whole day and it was really comfortable, so I can definitely recommend it.

These photos were taken in Utrecht right before the "Fashion Blogger Clinic" from Internet advantage. We only had a few minutes to take the photos so we had to be really quick. I want to thank the Internet Advantage team for the inspiring evening with lots of great tips!

P.S. I dind't make photos in the slimwear because that really isn't something you would like to see ;)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

In the city

Last Tuesday I was in Amsterdam, I spent the afternoon with Laurie.
We had time to catch up with each other, grab a lunch and just enjoy the weather.