New Years Eve

Hi everyone, sorry for my late post about new years eve but im very busy at the moment for my school exams and sander and i just moved into a bigger place.
So at the moment we are very busy with painting and unpacking boxes, but i like it a lot :)
Even tough new years eve is over
 a week ago i still wanna share my outfit with you.


DRESS - / SHOES - New Look / CLUTCH - Primark / EARRINGS - Primark

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  1. Hey hun! I nominated you for the Liebster award, I simply did for you what someone else did for me! I love your blog, we can follow each other if you’d like, let me know ;) xoxo
    Suzy |
    Check out my blog to see what the award is all about ;)

  2. beautiful dress, you look amazing!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments ! xoxo





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Meet The Author
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