See everything in black & white


When I talk about seeing everything in black & white I of course refer to the photos ;)
When it comes to life it is not that simple and there are a lot of grey areas. I personally think it is important to be open for other thoughts and to keep learning from each other.
So enough about the serious talk, do you have plans for this weekend ?
It is going to be great weather here in the Netherlands so I will try to enjoy it and of course take some outfit pictures.

COAT - h&m / BAG - h&m / SHORT - / SHOES - Vans

4 reacties:

  1. wauw ben al super lang opzoek naar een leren short en die van jou is zo leuk!

    x anouk.

    1. Dankjewel Anouk :) leuk om te horen !
      X liefs

  2. Mooi gesproken Yasmin! :-D Leuke combi van dat leer met fake fur.





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Meet The Author
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