Beneath It

Let’s talk about something I think most of you girls will recognize.
When you wear a tight dress with tights, you can sometimes see the lines of your underwear and tights pressing in your skin (which I don’t like).
 Also when you are wearing tight clothing and when you go to a dinner or something, you might feel uncomfortable in your outfit, because you don’t feel like holding your tummy in for the rest of the evening.
That is why I was really curious about the slimwear from Magic Bodyfashion.  
I have tried the slimbody and the tank top, I must say that both of the slimwear products did make you feel more comfortable in your clothing,  and it slims everything a bit down (flatter tummy and hips). I especially loved the slimbody which I am wearing on these photos. It is a body-stocking, so this one is perfect for beneath a dress or a high skirt. I wore it the whole day and it was really comfortable, so I can definitely recommend it.

These photos were taken in Utrecht right before the "Fashion Blogger Clinic" from Internet advantage. We only had a few minutes to take the photos so we had to be really quick. I want to thank the Internet Advantage team for the inspiring evening with lots of great tips!

P.S. I dind't make photos in the slimwear because that really isn't something you would like to see ;)

TOP - Primark / FAUX LEATHER SHORT - h&m / SLIP ONS - h&m / BAG - Primark / NECKLACE - Zara / COAT - h&m / SLIMWEAR - Magic Bodyfashion

Special thanks to for the slimwear products !!

Photos by: Tara Stokdijk and me

8 reacties:

  1. De foto's zijn echt super leuk geworden! Het was heel gezellig om samen naar de Fashion Bloggers Clinic te gaan! Ook gaaf dat het je is gelukt om ook een sidebar aan de rechterkant van je blog te maken, ziet er heel leuk uit!


    1. Dankjewel ! Ik ben ook blij met de foto's, thanks to you !!
      Ik vond het ook heel gezellig bij de Fashion Blogger Clinic :)
      Ja ik heb m'n site gelijk een beetje aangepast met de tips
      die ze hadden gegeven.

      Xx liefs

  2. Wat een leuke outfit! Je ketting is gaaf!

  3. Hey Yasmin,

    Die ketting is echt heel gaaf!

    Liefs Fons

  4. Leuk! Vooral de slip-ons! :)


    1. Dankjewel Wendy !
      Ja die slip-ons zijn ook echt een van mijn favo's ze lopen super lekker !

      xx Liefs





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