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A little while ago I was approached by Treatwell, a company that offers a wide range of beauty treatments in the Netherlands. They asked me if I wanted to enjoy a treatment from one of their cooperative salons, which I couldn’t say no to of course . Because I had a very busy period of school behind me, I wanted to choose a treatment that would be relaxing.

The booking is very easy, you can search by cityname, and then you can pick the salon/treatment you prefer. It can be difficult to choose between the salons, in this case it is helpful that you can read the feedback from people that have been there before and you can see which score they gave the salon.
It occurs that the treatment you have booked isn’t possible anymore on the time you booked, but in this case you will be called and you can change your appointment.
 This happened to me, but it was resolved very neat.

I went to the spa at andaz in Amsterdam for a detox facial treatment, this took place in the spa beneath the Andaz Hotel. The whole atmosphere was very relaxing and luxe, and I felt really spoiled. The facial was the best, they use products from June Jacobs which are botanical (big pro). Every product felt so soft on my skin, I really loved it. Normally when you've had a facial your  skin can be a bit red, but after the treatment my skin was glowing and soft and not red at al. As you can see I was really enthusiastic and I am planning to visit this place again some time. I want to thank Treatwell for the great gift, and the people from The Spa at Andaz for the great service.
We made a short movie (see above) to give you an impression from the treatment, not the best quality but it is my first movie and I hope you’ll like it.

Do you also want to book a facial, you can do this here.

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Meet The Author
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