Put some colour on

My outfits are really dark lately, a lot of black and grey.
I really like to wear dark colours but I thought it was time to put some colour to my looks.
I must say that the colours I wear are really depending on my mood and on the weather.
In the fall/winter I wear darker colours then in summer time.
Since the weather is really great lately you will be seeing a bit more colour on my blog.

There will be a big change on my blog... For now I will keep you in suspense.
More about this later ;)

BLAZER - h&m / TOP - h&m / JEANS - Bershka / SUNGLASSES - Primark / SLIP ONS - h&m

2 reacties:

  1. Roze staat je goed! Ben benieuwd naar de verandering! :-D

    Liefs Fons

    1. Dankjewel !!!
      Ja binnenkort laat ik weten waar het over gaat ;)

      Xx liefs





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Meet The Author
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