Monday Madness | Happy Things part 13

I will show you things that make me happy every Monday, just to make the Mondays a little easier and also, so that you can get to know me a little bit better.

Never thought this would make it to a happy thing.
I always used to be the girl who said: I'd rather stay on the couch and watch a movie then to go work out.
But I wanted to be fitter, and slimmer so I started working out since September 2014.
And I must say that I really like it and it gives me a great feeling to workout.
Of course I still like it to lay on the couch haha but working out is something that has become a part of my weekly routine. And it is also a great way to lose your energy/frustrations.

I go to Crossfit at CKM, which is really nearby where I live.
The training consist a mix of strength and stamina (think a lot of squats, weightlifting and so on), and every training is different so you won't get bored ;)
What I really like about the trainings is that you feel satisfied after every training because you work really hard every time.

Do you also workout? Like to hear what you do (or don't do) to stay fit.

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